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With a moniker as weighty and substantiated as the CEO Factory, the distinct red building truly epitomises the synergy between the old-world charm and state-of-the-art facility. The perpetual bond one nourishes with JBIMS is evident from the fact that illustrious alumni often visit the campus to share valuable insights from the corporate world with the students of the college.

With this trust, JBIMS continues to develop management trainees into future CEOs. The institute operates with the belief that it is a student-driven institution and takes pride in that fact. It is proven that everyone who walks out of our doors can be depended upon when needed. It is with this vision that, in 1965, JBIMS was established.

Our Notable Alumni

  • Ajay Piramal

    Batch of 1977

    One of the key learnings at Bajaj was the importance of people as the most crucial factor for the performance and growth of any organization, hence defining the distinguishing factor of a high performing company and a low performing company to be the level of knowledge and capabilities of the people working there.

  • Sam Balsara

    Batch of 1972

    My experience at JBIMS were the highlights of my education. What I clearly remember taking from JBIMS was how a manager makes optimum use of scarce resources in terms of time and money in order to maximize the input output ratio.

  • Vinita Bali

    Batch of 1977

    The differentiating factor of Bajaj was in its practical approach to the learning process. My years at Bajaj helped develop an ability to excel in every endeavor and to have zero tolerance for mediocrity. Our institute taught us how to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the highly demanding and fast paced lives of modern corporate executive.

  • Chanda Kochhar

    Batch of 1984

    My two years at Bajaj helped lay the foundation of my career. The comprehensive course content and the fact that students came from diverse backgrounds enriched the overall learning process. I feel that JBIMS was a stepping stone for me My two years at Bajaj helped lay the foundation of my career. My two years at Bajaj helped lay the foundation of my career.

Announcements and News

  • Mr Nitin Paranjape ( BATCH OF 1987) - has been promoted as the Chief Transformation and Chief People Officer at Unilever

  • Mr Ram Raghavan(BATCH OF 1997) - has been promoted to the role of President, Enterprise Oral Care, at its parent firm - Colgate Palmolive

  • MR Manjeev Singh Puri (BATCH OF 1981) - has been appointed as independent director at RBL Bank

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