The Institute was founded in 1965 by the University of Mumbai. JBIMS has been a pioneer in management education. JBIMS is consistently ranked among the top 10 premier B-schools in the country with a legacy spanning over the past 52 years. India’s first full time 2-year Masters in Management studies (MMS) was started in JBIMS under the stewardship of the late Dr. K. S. Basu. Being one of the oldest Bschools in India, JBIMS has cemented its reputation as the preferred campus for the country’s most prestigious organizations. The Institute has full-time faculty in the core management disciplines and the functional areas of management. The Institute also has a panel of eminent management experts and senior practicing managers from diverse fields of management. JBIMS offers full-time and part-time programmes in management. The proximity of the Institute with the commercial hub of India is an added advantage. This has strengthened the affiliation of JBIMS with the corporate magnates, illustrious alumni and a large number of eminent visiting faculty. This exposure with the industry experts has helped the students for years to understand the management practices and to hone their skills to match the industry expectations.

From the Director’s Desk

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), a leading B-School delivering high quality education. JBIMS equips us with the accurate skill set to adjust to the unprecedented challenges the future will present to all of us. We at JBIMS place the core values of respect, honesty, integrity and hard work at the heart of all we do, with each and every student given the very best opportunities to succeed and realize their potential.

As Director of the Institute, I am extremely proud of the rich tradition of providing practical, experience based business education that our institute has upheld since its founding. In 1965 Dr. K. S. Basu (Founder Director) started with the vision statement of being “in business to make a better world”, JBIMS continues to remain faithful to his vision. Even after 55 years, we have remained agile and consider our school a continuous work in progress. We are continually striving to make each program better in terms of content, pedagogical methods, relevance to employer and participant preferences, and being in sync with today’s professional demands.

The success of our students, over 8000 alumni, has been the decades of leadership and experience based knowledge that our faculty bring into the classroom. As thought leaders in their industry, the knowledge and research contributions of our faculty continue to drive change in the area of Management Education.

JBIMS located in the financial capital of India offers unique opportunities for our students to engage with leading corporates and business communities. The payoff is not only professional, but many are also surprised to discover, the return on investment is first and foremost personal.

We look forward to sharing this journey of reflection, discovery, and advancement with you! Thank you to each of our alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends for your continued support.

-Dr Srinivasan R Iyengar

The CEO Factory

The characteristic red edifice fully epitomizes the combination between old-world elegance and state-of-the-art facilities, with a title as heavy and established as the CEO Factory. The fact that prominent alumni frequently visit the campus to share vital insights from the business world with the college's  students demonstrates the eternal link that one cultivates with JBIMS.

Our Library

JBIMS Library is well equipped with a world-class books & journals collection. We have well-known international databases which comprise world financial scenarios, market research, mutual funds, all the information of listed companies & industries, case studies, reviews, forecasts, journals, thesis, analysis, bibliographies, etc. Recourses are being generated over the years to meet the requirements/demands of our students, faculty & research scholars, future managers, and executives. We allow open access to the collection and encourage students to browse through the stacks.


With Knimbus-m-Library, you have full access to thousands of eBooks, Journals, Articles, and Videos on campus & off campus.

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  • Lowest fees amongst other top B-Schools

  • Located in the heart of Financial Capital

  • Distinguished Alumni Base

Our Leadership

  • Governing Body

    The Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies is the University of Mumbai's Department of Management Studies.

  • Board of Management

    List of Members of Board of Management

    • Hon. Vice Chancellor, Chairperson
      Prof Suhas Pednekar
    • Mr. G. Narayan
      (From Industry 611(a))
    • Mr Deepak Ghaisas
      (From Business 611(a))
    • Mr Paresh Sukthankar
      (Expert Nominated by Academic Council 611(b))
    • Dr Rajendra Mehrotra
      (Expert Nominated by Academic Council 611(b))
    • Dr. Durgesh Tinaikar
      Chair Professor, (611(c))
    • Dr Kavita Laghate
      (Professor, 611(c))
    • Govt. Nominee
      (611 (d))
    • WRO, (AICTE nominee 611(e))
      Director, Member Secretary (611(f))

  • Academic Board

    List of Members of Academic Board

    • Dr. R. Srinivasan Iyengar
      Director & Chairman
      (S.624 a)
    • Dr. Chandrahauns R. Chavan
      Professor in Information Technology
      (S.624 b)
    • Dr. Durgesh Tinaikar
      Professor, IMC Pravin Chandra Gandhi Chair in Banking and Finance, JBIMS
      (S.624 b)
    • Dr. Kavita R. Laghate
      (S.624 c)
    • Dr Anil Pande
      (S.624 c)
    • Prof. Balkrishna Parab
      (S.624 c)
    • Prof. Dur Khan
      (S.624 c)
    • Dr. Sarika Mahajan
      (S.624 c)
    • Dr. Anand Patkar
      (S.624 d)
    • Mr. KVS Manian
      (S.624 d)
    • Dr. Rajan Welukar
      (S.624 d)
      Nominee of The Director, Technical Education

  • Administrators

    JBIMS is a student-run institute with various committees performing various functions along with the admin department.

Our History

  • 1965

    First Full-Time MMS- India gets its first full-time two-year MMS course under the stewardship of the Late Dr. K.S. Basu, Ex-Vice Chairman of HUL, Specializations offered: Finance, Marketing, Operations & Personnel

  • 1966

    The Management Development Programme (MDP) is introduced

  • 1967

    The Ph.D. Programme is instituted

  • 1976

    3 Year Part Time-The 3 year part-time Masters degree course in Finance, Marketing and Human Resources begins

  • 1990

    J.R.D. Tata graces the Silver Jubilee function ‘Smaranyatra’

  • 1995

    First annual business convention ‘Strategym’ impresses the industry

  • 1997

    Another Specialization Systems specialization was introduced as one more full-time specialization; JBIMS ranked among the top 25 Asian B-Schools

  • 2000

    Awarded ‘Best Institute of Management by the Bombay Management Association

  • 2001

    The industry Mentorship Programme is initiated; 3 years Masters in Information Management introduced

  • 2002

    Marketing and Finance Clubs established

  • 2003

    The Catalyst Forum, a student-centric interface to the industry is formed

  • 2005

    JBIMS completes 40 fantastic years of a relentless strive toward perfection

  • 2006

    JBIMS challenges other B-Schools – Prayaag is born; Wi-Fi connects the campus

  • 2007

    JBIMS ranked 6th in ‘Business Today – Nielsen’ Best B-Schools survey 2007

  • 2008

    ‘Management Programme in Mergers & Acquisitions started in collaboration with Times School of Business (TSB)

  • 2009

    The incubation Centre launched to promote entrepreneurship

  • 2012

    JBIMS ranked 6th in ‘Recruitment’ in Hindustan Times Top 50 B-Schools Survey

  • 2013

    First Annual Research Conference on Management, Banking and Finance held on a global platform Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s idea of introducing a course Masters of Science (M.Sc) in Finance launched in JBIMS

  • 2014

    JBIMS attains autonomy

Campus Life

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