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3rd Edition Awards 2020

The third edition of the annual prestigious ‘Smt. Jyoti Dwivedi Memorial Scholarship Awards’ was held by Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) on 20th June 2021.

Six scholarships were presented, including two core awards of Rs 1 lakh each and four ad hoc awards of Rs 50000 each. Exclusive to JBIMS, the scholarships are given to the second year MMS students to meet their educational expenses based on their first-year scores and their family’s financial standing.

The scholarship amount is provided to JBIMS personally by Nimish Dwivedi from JBIMS’ batch of 1993 in memory of his mother Jyoti Dwivedi. This is the first-ever scholarship instituted at this prestigious business school.

The winners of the two core scholarships are Vaibhav Tambe and Jatin Sadrani; the ad hoc scholarship winners are Hemant Aher, Mrinali Biwalkar, Darsh Ganatra, and Shaily Kayal.

The winners were also gifted with a copy of the best-selling book authored by Nimish titled ‘Marketing Chronicles: A Compendium of Global and Local Marketing Insights from the Pre-Smartphone and Post-Smartphone Eras.’

Dr Kavita Laghate, Director of JBIMS said, “It is great to see alumni of the Institute coming forward to help in different ways. I’m thankful to Nimish Dwivedi for starting the Smt Jyoti Dwivedi Memorial Scholarship, which is in its third year now. This scholarship not just supports and benefits students, but also encourages them to evolve a mindset of giving back to society and to their institute while they build their careers.”

Nimish Dwivedi, the benefactor, said, “Back in the days, we had no zoom, no laptops, and no money to buy transparencies. We had huge challenges in terms of even getting textbooks to read for some of the subjects. But we had this fighting and winning spirit. My late mother taught me never to let challenges stop me in any way. And I encourage all of you to inculcate this spirit of overcoming all challenges and making your Institute shine.”

In his address, the chief guest Irfan A Kazi, Chief Investment Officer for the SWAMIH Investment Fund I Of SBICap Ventures, while paying his respects to the memory of the late Jyoti Dwivedi, said, “I commend the magnificence of this scholarship and the gesture by Nimish, her son and my classmate from JBIMS. I have also read ‘Marketing Chronicles’, a marketing bestseller book authored by Nimish a few years ago and recommended that as a must-read for anyone who is targeting a career in marketing.”