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2nd Edition Awards 2020

L to R: Mr Indrajit Gupta, Mr Venkataramani K, Ms Sushmita Pazare, Mr Omkar Rudrawar, Dr Kavita Laghate, Mr Ashish Jayprakash Metkar, Mr Mayur Jayvant Dehankar and Mr Ganesh Kaulaskar

The winners of the two core scholarships are Omkar Rudrawar and Sushmita Pazare; the ad hoc scholarship winners are Ashish Jayprakash Metkar and Mayur Jayvant Dehankar.

Mr. Rudrawar has completed his B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NIT Nagpur. Ms. Pazare has completed her Engineering in Biotechnology from NIT Raipur.

The winners were also gifted with a copy of the book authored by NimIsh titled ‘Marketing Chronicles: A Compendium of Global and Local Marketing Insights from the Pre-Smartphone and Post-Smartphone Eras.’