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It all began on 29th July, 2009 at 06.45 A.M. in the morning. With some nervousness and some excitement I was sitting with 120 chosen out of 1 lack 20 odd thousands, as a part of the Batch of 2011, in the historical auditorium of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. I was to change for ever. The learning began with understanding the discipline of time, attire, presentations etc. Following couple of months were roloking. For the pottery to take a proper shape the clay  must be crushed well to avoid any glut. This is what happens at JBIMS. You are made to realize the standard this Business School of towering repute, demands in order to become a real Bajajite.

In the initial couple of months we learnt time management, how to handle pressure, presentation skills etc. My confidence, general knowledge and acumen were tested straight on, as we were faced with many challenging activities with stiff deadlines.

Our eyes twinkled with admiration for brilliance when we were introduced to the veteran faculty of JBIMS who are not just preachers, but practitioners. Bookish theories were understood with practical industrial happenings and sometimes even rewritten with uncommon perspectives. These stalwarts were giving us learning of 3 decades in 3 hours. We were asked to catch the true flavor of the bazaar by venturing out on the streets to learn marketing and were made to comprehend the implications of numbers in financial statements. All the concepts of Kotler, DFMA, MBWA, and Pokayoke etc. were made to be practiced and experienced during our studies.

In my opinion, the real incentive of JBIMS is its location and its non-residential campus, which thwarts you from remaining in the comfort zone. This is also the reason why JBIMS ranks first in terms of the Return on Investment among all the B-Schools in the country. You are always in touch with the pulse of the outside world.

Its proximity from the corporate head quarters facilitates those ameliorating guest lectures by executives whose words are unparallel to any business book. We enjoyed and learnt immensely from industrial leaders such as CEOs; NSE, U TV, Axis Holdings and many more.

You live and enjoy life Bajaj way, once the eight pillars; its committees take charge of its fun and academic activities. Nothing is free or complementary at JBIMS. You’ve got to do it your self and every Bajajite learn it the hard way. In the process we learn a great deal of organizing, man management, leadership, decision making etc. you have it all here; parties, Strategym, quick summers-off summers, quizzes, competitions, real industrial case challenges etc.

One word to explain life at Bajaj is ‘Befalling’. You’ve got to be on your toes to face surprise tests, 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. lectures, the competitions etc. You will always be short of time to pick up the offerings that this great institute has got to offer. It’s not a wonder to me any more as to why its called the ‘CEOs factory’.


Ekinath Khedekar - Batch of 2011


The morning of 29th of July, 2009, I entered the hallowed campus of JBIMS as an excited passenger on a journey in which the destination was unknown, as a nervous novice undertaking his first deep-sea voyage in search of a treasure, as a wanderer who, on a quest to transcend the blazing horizon, became mirthful at the sight of the setting sun but debonair enough to forget contemplating what lay ahead once darkness and uncertainty would descend on his path.

I just wish I knew what would ensue in the coming weeks – then, I would have been better prepared. Or perhaps that is just what one always thinks in hindsight. It was more likely that I would still have spent the last few days before joining Bajaj the way I did. I did have an inkling of an idea that those were probably my last days when I would loiter around aimlessly and would spend most of my time reclining on the sofa in diagonal equilibrium with some junk to munch on in front of a TV switched on for no specifically useful reason.

No wonder then that I felt like being rudely awoken from a deep hibernation with a torrent of assignments, projects, knowledge sessions, virtually extempore presentations, quizzes, etc. in which my clothes of erstwhile indifference, nihilism and laziness got drenched and torn, and my cloak of perseverance and the umbrella of self-belief came to my rescue and became my most prized possessions. Be it staying awake through the night (with 2 or 3 hours of sleep cramped in somehow) whenever faced with a multitude of deadlines the next day after reaching home around midnight, or be it waddling your way through the peak-hour crowds of the Western line, every moment became an experience of adrenaline rush – and the best part of all was that the seemingly masochistic adventures were actually quite enjoyable. A moment without the use of any ‘cerebral energy’ was a moment wasted. One would hardly ever see a JBite without any newspaper/magazine in hand or a group of students not involved in an agitated discussion regarding some largely significant issue. One would at first imagine that it is the prevalent competetive atmosphere that is the primary cause, but more precisely it is a manifestation of the intrinsic human desire for excellence that is on display here. As time goes by, one finds that the ‘load’ on one’s shoulders goes reduces because of academic submissions taking up minimal time with students getting used to the practice of ‘2 days remaining for a presentation – plenty of time left man, why bother now? Got plenty of other stuff to do’ and ‘1 night remaining – the group leader would start a chain mail saying, “I guess we should start working on the presentation we are supposed to be giving tomorrow”’.

Well, one need not be under such duress if one wishes so. There would always be plenty of time if one purely sticks to an attitude of being “driven by compulsion”. But with the options available, even the laziest of humans would be motivated to be proactive. Some of the umpteen options would be the guest lectures maximising corporate exposure, supremely experienced in-house and visiting faculty, an illustrious alumni base ever-ready to be the guiding lamp to the students, the largely student-driven committees undertaking various activities lending some worthwhile hands-on experience in management, the annual festival Prayaag, the research presentation event Strategym, opportunities to participate in inter-collegiate fests, etc. Quite clearly, one who gets involved in such activities in addition to the absolutely essential academics would be the one to have gained the maximum from his two years at JBIMS. That is what my endeavours have been focussed towards, ever since I have been privileged enough to be a part of JBIMS. I don’t know where the journey of self-actualisation will lead me to – I don’t really think about it too much – maybe because I know that I am in good hands.

-          Adarsh Shettigar (Batch of 2011)