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MHRDM (Master in Human Resource Development & Management)

The objective of this programme is to prepare Executives for top-level Human Resources positions in public or private sector organizations. The emphasis will therefore, be on developing a proper role perception of Human Resources Development in the Indian context by exposing them to a wide range of relevant areas, sufficiently in depth so that they may gain the confidence necessary to interact with people at all levels and develop the Human Resources skills for translating policies into action effectively. Candidates having executive experience in Human Resources Development related field in private / public organization, Government, etc. will find this programme useful.

Course Content -






Financial Accounting
Business Law
Cost Management & Management Control
Organisational Behaviour
Principles of Management
Quantitative Methods in Management


Personnel Law & Management
Managerial Economics
Production Management
Marketing Management
Research Methodology
Financial Management



Introduction to Computers
Effective Communication
Human Resources Management
Business Environment


Organisational Behaviour –II
Industrial Relation Environment
Labour Welfare & Mgt
Manpower Planning
Personnel Assessment
Organisational Theories – Structure & Design



International Personnel Management
Quantitative Technique in Human Resource Development
Management Development
Organisational Development
Personnel Finance & Marketing Personnel
Special studies in Personnel (Projects)


Entrepreneurship Management
Management of Environment & Productivity
Project Management
Strategic Management
Business Ethics